I'm Amazed


As I was rolling up Horny Toad Road in my RAM just a minute ago, Paul McCartney’s 1970 hit “Maybe I’m Amazed” was playing on KSWV Suave Radio and it poignantly reflected how I’m feeling about all that we have accomplished at Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms in one year.

Tomorrow, the team is having its first “planting party,” as we bless our new 1,200 sq foot garden with its first seeds.

Much praise and thanks goes to all who worked tirelessly to make this dream come true including our project leads Maddy & Enzo, with the rest of the team - Nina, Grant, Dylan, Sidney, Chelsea, Roland, Milo & Olivia - contributing countless hours of blood, sweat and tears.

Likewise, we are grateful to our little village of supporters who freely gave us invaluable input including Katherine Ottmers of Quivira Coalition; our friends and neighbors Rich Headley and Mike Snyder; and Jan-Willem Jansens at Ecotone Landscape Planning, LLC .

In one day, we will be celebrating our first year anniversary in Santa Fe, which has been marked by a number of milestones in addition to building our Garden of Eden including receiving grants from the NM Department of Agriculture and the Organic Farmers Association, as well as being accepted into Quivira’s Farm & Ranch Plan Program.

I’ll personally be marking this occasion by beginning to write my next book, which is to be called “BLESSED: Purposefully Living an Inconvenient Life to Foster a More Meaningful One.”

Thank you one and all for welcoming us to this amazing community; the journey so far has been nothing less than awesome, and it is no surprise, that Baby, I’m Amazed.

For more information on our aspirations to become an educational and research center for agroecology, sustainability, organic farming, land conservation and agave cultivation please visit and subscribe to our website at www.haciendadominguez.com !