Like A Road Runner


Albeit we have barely been here a week, we’re already doing some weekend roaming, backtracking on our road trip across America, as well as in time with a jaunt in Tucumcari off of Interstate 40 and on the historic 66.

We were lucky to be personally receive a last-minute invitation from land preservation guru and über-congenial Jan-Willem Jansens, who will be leading a Soil Health Weekend Workshop at Quay Ranch.

Here’s the enticing invitation we received and enthusiastically accepted:

Please join a group of 10-20 people with a love of Earth and community during a fun and interesting work weekend on the land.

We will gather on Quay Ranch about 5 miles north of Tucumcari, New Mexico. The ranch stretches across nearly 600 acres on the southern slopes of the Canadian River watershed with sweeping views of the watershed area toward Ute Lake Reservoir.

Soils are deep red behind the contrasting young green plants this time of year. Water is scarce, and our work will focus on how we spread water, revitalize the soil, and support a rejuvenated, lush prairie.

We hope that you join us as well during the evenings with social time around a simple meal, campfire, music, storytelling, and walks in the sunset or moonlight.


Looking forward to the vintage accommodations at the Road Runner Motel and to getting our hands dirty at the ranch.

Here’s a link to a cool look at Tucumcari and Quay County Then and Now: