My Mail Order Bride


Ok, much to share and say here, but my eyes are half shut while I attempt to compose this….I’ll resume in the morning, here are photos from a very full day that lasted until midnight, much more to come in the morning.


Okay, where to begin?

So, Milo and I finally got back to doing our routine ab workout, after a several-month hiatus. Albeit, instead of a nice wood floor in an air-conditioned Victorian, we now have the hot great outdoors and a dusty and rocky dirt floor to place our yoga mats upon. That said, the view from our outdoor gym is pretty darn magnificent.

After a couple of sets of squats, crunches and leg lifts, eventually we got back to work-ing the land, which has been a far better way to workout over the last few months.

For workout clothes I donned my boots and shorts, hoping to start a fashion trend. Although, I realized after a couple of hours that pants help keep out the sand and gravel that can be quite irritating.

Nonetheless and allthemore, we spent much part of the day working on a trail that circles about at the end of a slope and offers an amazing view of the Galisteo River valley and the mountains beyond ( Admittedly, I still don’t know the names of all the surrounding mountains).

Regardless of my ignorance, beauty is beauty is beauty and nature generously offers a lot of it at Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms.

This fact was fortified later that evening when I went back out after 9 to take advantage of the refreshing cool air wafting through the hills to continue working on the path.

With worklight, walkie-talkie and my Mail Order Bride Russian Stout in hand (thank you Rich), I dug and scattered and stomped on a good hundred branches of deadwood in the crisp night with a generous sprinkle of twinkling stars to invigorate me.

Around 10ish I called in to say, “Breaker 1-9, I’m sitting on the bench with the light off, just so you know in case a bear mauls me.”

By my good fortune-and-circumstance, my lovely Craigslist bride, Chelsea, happened to be in the kitchen and heard my preemptive call. “Sorry, can you repeat that?”

I reiterated and spontaneously invited her to join me at the hillside, on the newly placed bench that will sit before that cactus garden we plan to sow and name after my mother, which will be surrounded by the trail that we will name after hers.

I readily professed upon her arrival, “You know, looking up at the universe and across these dark hills I finally feel we got our money’s worth…” explaining that it wasn’t until now that I had actually seen a nightsky as resplendent as the one I was beholding at that moment.

I had read and heard much about how lack of light pollution had made the view quite enchanting in New Mexico, but the opportunity to witness it on my own had belatedly arrived. Regardless, it was well worth waiting for.