Rosas Para Posas


I'm sharing the obituary for Carmen Posa, co-owner of Posa's Tamales, who I credit for one of the many-many reasons we moved to Santa Fe.

Finding their tamales at both their franchised restaurants and gas stations, made me feel like I was "back home," after thirty years of living on the East Coast.

Sadly, her son says Carmen died of a broken heart, 16 days after her husband, Antonio, passed.

They left a lot of good will in their wake and I appreciate that their personal story represents a lot of what Santa Fe and Southwest are about - a melding of Old and New Mexican, Spanish, indigenous and relatively new Americans going west to build a new life and homestead of their own.

Coincidentally, it is exactly what my wife and I did just last May, when we packed up the prairie schooner (2 28 foot semi trailers) and moved to Cerrillos to establish Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms.


"Carmen Posa was born Jan. 27, 1943, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Her family moved to Santa Fe when she was a young girl, and she attended Loretto Academy. After she graduated, she met her husband while visiting family in Mexico.

Antonio Posa was born in Spain, and was competing in Mexico as a professional wrestler. The couple married in May 1962."

“My mother was a true advocate of the immigrant who wanted to come into this country to make themselves a better life,” Jeff Posa said.

“She used to fight for the little man,” he added.

CARMEN POSA, 1943-2022
Matriarch co-owned, operated Posa's restaurant