Brussel Sprouts & Bacon


It was another full and overflowing day of fun, adventure and rewarding hard work at Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms yesterday.

The first part of the day began at 6 AM and lasted till 3 pm, where and when I worked nonstop on the path we’re creating going from the house at 36HTR to a magnificent mountain vista at the end of the circular path where you can watch the Southern Chief roll by or bask in the glory of our incredible universe radiating through the nearly pitch black of night.

For some task diversity, I also broke down a lot of deadwood and plugged up a newly forming arroyo where we have some significant soil erosion going on.

Meanwhile, Chelsea made a delicious Brussels Sprouts and Bacon dish for the Dark Thirty gathering at Colin & Marisa’s. Much like last time we were there it was a blast of unexpected frivolity and neighborly conversation. The feast of charred Bison courtesy of Tony “I’m not the butcher, I’m the boss,” was a resplendent red and rough cut of Buffalo Shoulder (dreadlock rasta) - it was so good that I heard the same phrase repeated by two or three people “I don’t eat beef, but I do eat buffalo.”

The kids had a great time too running amok and unhinged - riding red Jeep electric cars, dressing in crazy costumes, eating sweets and chips and treats with little to no parent supervision. As one of the video attests, I tried to get in on the vehicular action, but I was barred and banned from participation.

Which reminds of an invaluable lesson I learned unexpectedly from recently watching a vainglorious Architectural Digest tour of some supermodel’s “adult play-home” with a permanent indoor ball pit, pole dancing room with velvet swing, costume and mask closets and even a luxurious “vagina tunnel,” which you crawl into and exit out through a laundry mat front loader, so that “you come out clean”…point is, surprisingly the host ended the tour with something her mother often told her that blew me away and made my day, “If you’re bored, than you’re boring.”

“Wow,” I thought, what a great truism to start passing onto my own children, that pretty much will serve as the foundation and remedy for the whole summer. Repeat after me: “If you’re bored, you’re boring.” What a great way to getting back to the basics of traditional parenting, by putting the onus of their state of elation back on the kids.

Anyhoo, the evening ended with some thrilling backyard pyrotechnics! Carolyn, Colon & Marisa helped each kid light a couple, whilst the parents uncomfortably joked about missing fingers and launches that go awry and viral on YouTube.

All in all, it was another wonderful day in the Wild West of Cerrillos.