On New York Time


It was an exhausting, yet fulfilling, day at Hacienda Dominguez today.

We’re still living on NY time because I’m working remotely and the little ones have virtual school starting at 6:30 am.

So, after a extra-full day (8 am - 8 pm est), I took advantage of what was left of daylight here in Cerrillos, and we took to trail blazing in the backyard, setting stones and pruning up to the path-with-a-view toward the hammock-pad-to-be as a family, with everyone pitching in.

Also started digging out the magnificent 8 ft birdhouse, which we’re moving to the other side of the house where most of the birds congregate and to give us a better view. Dug down about three feet till I hit the concrete base. I’m sore all over and ready to turn out the lights, even though it’s only 10 pm here.