Transcending Just Another Day


( @ Hacienda Dominguez)

Half the crew had been out,

due to a nasty flu.

So, I was stressing

about the million things

there was to do.

Playing catch-up on this,

and catch-up on that;

oscillating endlessly,

between neglected need

and the next task.

But then, half way down 14,

the skies opened wide and blue, with just enough sun peeking through

the beautiful billow of clouds,

to subside all the worries

of just another day in the land of maybe tomorrow.

At the homestead I realized

the utter joy of living in a painting; atop a mountain,

so close to heaven not far from earth; for here I am -

in constant vasisthasana repose, anchoring to one,

a simple stretch to embrace the other.

In Nirvana, I am, simply here, at home.