Apparently, Rattlesnakes are Real


Accidents happen and collecting 12 sleeping chicks in the pitch-black night with no desert moon in sight is no easy task.

A little earlier in the evening, the girls also had the luxury of a white tarp roof installed by their favorite local “young buck.” So, after basking in the shade of their renewed digs, they were rightfully exhausted.

As I was about to go tuck in the girls around 8:45, I met “Rob-Vyn” walking up the road. They hailed from Kansas City and were house sitting for our neighbors and readily warned me about the little rattler up on the road ahead.

I told ‘em how everyone we’ve met in New Mexico has told us about the rattlesnakes and that we finally encountered one the trail earlier in the morning. Rob-Vyn said, “It must have been a big one, if you heard it from 50 feet away.” As per the video, maybe it was 25 feet, but loud enough to heed the warning to steer clear.

We chatted till the sky flipped the switch to remind me I still had to go up to 36 HTR to chicken wrangle.

As I gripped the steering wheel, I was reminded that “accidents happen,” as earlier in the day I was pulling down the garage door and vied for a better grip by grabbing at an indent, but not realizing these indents fold, I grabbed the handle with my other hand once it was in reach and pulled down practically severing two of my fingers.

Fortunately, the pain helped me realize what I had done and I quickly-but-slowly pulled back up with my free hand. Ugh.

I immediately iced my swollen fingers and was grateful that they were still attached. Grateful to be reminded that accidents happen.