La Susurradora de Cabras Nina

There was once a time when Nina was the fastest goat milker in all the west. At the age of 17, she bought her first pair of dairy goats with hopes to learn how to make some cheese and get a glimpse of the pastoral lifestyle. While she may now be surpassed in teat-squeezing speed by her good pal and mentor, Eve Kelly of Wondernut Farm, it’s been ten years and Nina still hasn’t been able to shake her love for all things caprine.

Since those humble times as a teenager, Nina has worked on farms all over the world (Puerto Rico, Italy, Hawaii, Colorado, California, and Vermont), honing skills in small-scale regenerative agriculture. She took a bit of a hiatus from the farm world to pursue outdoor education and National Park Service administration, but now she’s back in action and bringing her educational, administrative, and agricultural skills to the table as the Assistant Farm Manager for Hacienda Dominguez & Chelenzo Farms!