Mezcal Expression Tastings

Once a month, Hacienda Dominguez and Chelenzo Farms is proud to present an opportunity for you to learn about and come to appreciate Mezcal.

Our Mezcal Expression Tastings are exclusive events that allow no more than ten participants to savor the exquisite taste of Mexico.

Our tastings are presented by the magnificent Mezcalera Marsella Macias. Marcella has ten years as a mezcal brand representative, the bar director at Oaxacan Cuisine & Mezcaleria and a longtime bartender in Silicon Valley. Over this decade of experience she has worked exclusively with agave distillates - mezcal, tequila, bacanora, raicilla, sotol. Over her career, Marsella has spent considerable time in Mexico learning and researching culturally significant production practices from various producers in diverse regions.

In addition to a BA in Journalism and Latin American Studies from California State University at Chico, She has Master's degree in "Comida Mexicana" (Mexican Cuisine) from Escuela Culinaria Internacional GDL in Mexico.

She is currently enrolled as a graduate student at the University of New Mexico, pursuing her Masters in Latin American Studies with a focus on Food and Governance, as well as her MBA with a focus on converting her family's estate in the Almaden Valley of San Jose into an Agave Farm, Hacienda and Learning Center.

Event: Tasting includes one cocktail and 6 tastings of Mezcal

Cost: $125 per person

Time: 3 hours

There is an option to make a cash purchase a limited supply of bottles of each expression. Prices normally vary from $50 - $100 per bottle and are only available the day of the event.